Bring Healthy Home

For the next five weeks, you'll have the support of TOPS® right at your fingertips. Indulge in a new recipe, spice up your workout routine with some new exercises, browse our exclusive membership deals in the TOPS® Store or share your struggles and victories with like-minded people through the TOPS® social media channels.

Pick Your Plate!

Each kit comes with a FREE TOPS® portion plate.

People tend to eat almost all of what’s on their plate. So that’s why it’s even more important to fill it with properly portioned fruits, veggies, proteins and starches! Whichever plate you choose, the guidelines are the same.

portion plate animated with food

Select from one of four optional add-ons to customize your kit even more! While supplies last.

TOPS® Portion Clip

Keep your snacks fresh and your portions correct.

Diabetes Meals For Good Health

320 pages of recipes, complete meal plans, practical advice, and more.

Fitness Combo

TOPS® Fitness cards and TheraBands®

TOPS® Real Life Guide with Exchange Cards

304 pages of wellness, nutrition and medical information to help create and sustain a healthy lifestyle.